WHEEL CANDY Outdoor Wheels


- Sold as 4/pack

- Outdoor Wheels Available in 9 Delicious Colours!
Blue, Purple, Pink, Purple, Teal, Red, Black, Green and Yellow

- Translucent 78a Smooth Outdoor Compound Urethane for a Smooth Ride

- 65x38mm Profile gives an Agile Footprint with Great Top End Speed

- Translucent Colours Look Great in the Sun

- Mix and Match Colours for your Custom Skate Setup

- Long Lasting Urethane Compound

Wheel Candy Outdoor Wheels by Crazy Skates are everything you are looking for in the Perfect Outdoor Wheel.


Crazy's Long Wearing Urethane Formula gives you that Smoooooooooth Roll with great Rebound. Our 65x35mm profile gives you an agile footprint with a faster top end speed. All this is of course supplementary to the fact that you can get Wheel Candy in All your Favourite Colours!

Mix and Match Colours to Show your personality on your skates. When it comes to Skating in Style - Crazy Skates Wheel Candy is the only way to roll!