Soda POP | Size Adjustable




The SODA POP range of adjustable Roller Skates by infinity Skates is a vibrant and fresh update to classic retro rollerskates! Perfect for the beginner skater, the fun and colourful Soda Pop offers quality skate components at a great price. Available in 7 amazing, eye-popping colours / flavours: 

- Black no Glitter | is our classic COLA ROLLER
- Blue no Glitter  | the sky is the limit with BLUE BLAST
- Lavender Glitter [Light Purple] | make everything pop with BUBBLEGUM BOUNCE
- Pink Glitter | skate like a princess with STRAWBERRY SLIDE
- Purple Glitter | dance to the groove with GO GO GRAPE
- Red no Glitter | own the streets with CHERRY CRUISE
Teal Glitter | skate fresh with MAGIC MINT


4 SIZE ADJUSTABLE | This skate adjusts to fit 4 different shoe sizes. This makes them ideal for growing feet as you will not have to keep buying new skates after every growth spurt. 

MICRO SIZE ADJUSTMENT | The roller skates adjust easily by turning a small lever on the back of the boot. This mechanism allows you to make sliding micro-adjustments, which means you can set the fit anywhere within the size range, giving you a custom and perfect fit.

CANDY LACES | Premium Quality striped laces give these skates a fun, retro style. 

HARD BOOT CONSTRUCTION | Makes these the perfect beginner roller skates. The boot is strong and durable, but flexible and supportive for beginner skaters.

COMFORTABLE BOOT | A rolled collar, padded tongue and boot lining makes these skates comfortable so you can skate for hours!

URETHANE INDOOR / OUTDOOR WHEELS | 58x32mm Urethane Wheels - NOT PLASTIC - some cheaper skates use plastic wheels which can be slippery and do not last. We use a full urethane wheel which is great for both indoor and outdoor skating that will provide grip and a great skating experience!

ABEC 3 BEARINGS | Full Precision Quality bearings for a smooth roll.