REVEL Scooter | FR Series



Dominate the park and revel in your riding success with the all new REVEL FreeRide FR Series Pro infinity Scooter. Perfect for the intermediate through to advanced riders, the REVEL is a real attention grabber with the 2-tone faded artwork and high-end specifications including 110mm Alloy Core wheels, ABEC-9 Chrome Bearings, fully integrated compression headset, Alloy T-Bar and more.......

revel [meaning] to take great pleasure; if you revel in something, you're not just pleased or even excited; you're overwhelmed with joy - ride on, the all new REVEL from infinity Scooters!

We have forged a reputation for quality you can feel.

Some manufacturers save a buck by compromising material quality of wheels, bearings, metal thickness, durability and finish of components. WE DON'T.

Our scooters are proudly designed in Australia and manufactured under our unwavering quality standards - the proof is in the ride - feel it for yourself.

DECK | 480mm x 115mm [LxW] Aluminium Concave Boxed Channel
Light Weight and Super Strong, the REVEL deck features Extra Wide Grind Rails for added stability and protection with a Signature Griptape feature.

HEAD / COMPRESSION | Fully Sealed Threadless HIC Compression
Resist loosening and wobbling - the fully sealed Threadless Integrated Compression system maintains strength and stability after prolonged use.

WHEELS | 110mm Anodized Alloy Core with 88a Super High Rebound Urethane
Skate Park and Street ready, these striking 110mm Alloy Core wheels will not only perform, but look great! Each REVEL scooters features 2 different wheel core colours, front and back to match the deck colour fade. Upgrade any time to 120mm wheels - the fork on the REVEL allows for larger wheels if/when the time comes.

BEARINGS |  ABEC-9 Chrome Full Precision Bearings
Fast and a Smooth Roll 

T-BAR | 520mm x 580mm [WxH] Reinforced Aluminium Bar
Strong & Light, the signature REVEL Aluminium T-Bar sports the same 2-tone colour effect with quality swirl dual colour TPR hand grips.

CLAMP | Double Alloy 

FORK | High TensileThreadless Shaped Steel - supports 120mm wheels

BRAKE | Flex Spring Steel

WEIGHT | only 3.60kg

OVERALL HEIGHT | 84.0cm  RIDE HEIGHT | 76.5cm - between the top of the Deck and the top of the Bar Grips