JOEY Scooter Replacement Hand Grips [pair]


A PAIR OF GRIPS | Each pack contains two replacement hand grips!

FOUR EXCITING COLOURS | Available in Black, Blue, Pink, and Purple!

DURABLE AND ERGONOMIC | Strong material that is easy to grip, with wide edges for safety and comfort!

SOFT EDGES | Cushioned, rounded edges on the grips means no sharp points!

FITS WHOLE RANGE |  The 2cm diameter allows these grips to fit any scooter in the JOEY or JOEY GLO range!


JOEY handle grips are a simple yet effective way to get more life out of your Joey Scooter. These durable replacements come in four popular colours, meaning you can match them to your scooter or create all sorts of crazy colour combinations!
Optimised for a child's comfort and safety - the soft ergonomic grips contain no sharp edges, the wideset ends keep hands sliding off and make for a secure grip around the handles, minimising the risk for bumps and bruises!