iLLUMIN8 LED Light Up Wheel - WHITE

Available in 72mm, 76mm, 80mm


White Frost Poured Urethane LED Wheels with White LEDs inside. These wheels will glow as the white LEDs shine through the white Urethane.

These wheels are a great eye-catching addition to your skate setup. They fit almost all inline skates (once you’ve chosen the correct diameter) and perform brilliantly in low light situations such as indoors, skating rinks or during night skating. All LED wheels will introduce some drag to your skating, as they are generating their own power from your skating - but a great quality wheel such as ours uses the new technology to have a brighter LED light output with the least drag possible. 

85a Durometer compound

Bright white LEDs with High Wheel Spin (compared with lower LED output, high drag wheels using older technology)

Runs on a Dynamo (no batteries or charging ever required)

Comes pre-fitted with ABEC5 Chrome Steel Bearings

Comes with Axle Adaptor sleeve for 6mm axles, wheel fits 8mm axles without the adaptor fitted (99% of inline skates have 6mm or 8mm axle diameters)

Sold as a single wheel

Industry Standard width 24mm