FLASH | Roller Skates



- Motion Activated LED Light Up Sole and Lightning Bolt on Skate Boot

- Replaceable Battery

- Padded Hi-Top Sneaker Style Boot

- ABEC 3 Precision Speed Bearings

- Signature 60x37mm Speed Hub Wheels

- Two-Tone Black & White Laces

- Urethane Toe Stop - Not Plastic

FLASH - our High Top sneaker style skate with motion activated LED Light Up flashing sole and lightning bolt on each skate will capture the attention of any bystander as you 'flash' by - now with a replaceable battery to ensure you flash for years of skating! Perfect for any skill level or age, the FLASH is a skate product that matches it's great eye-catching looks with comfort and performance. Fitted with quality ABEC 3 bearings and signature speed hub wheels, choosing to skate indoor or outdoors is an option without sacrificing speed or grip. Urethane toe stops ensure a safe, fast and efficient brake method on each skate (not likeplastic that can slip), two tone laces, padded tongue, nylon plates complete the sporty look for the all new FLASH.


The CRAZY SKATES™ Company - who are we?

We are the manufacturer and distributor of the product in the Asia Pacific region.  We are based in Australia and owned and operated by Australians.  We prode ourselves on designing, testing and manufacturing our own product.  We are not a company that imports random products or products from third party sellers or agents.  When you purchase a Crazy Skates product, you are investing in a product that is guaranteed to perform and provide you with a difference in quality that is noticeably better!

Being based in Australia, we also manage any warranty issues without long waiting periods or having to consult any third party.  When you purchase a Crazy Skate product from us or any of our registered Crazy Skates dealers, you may be assured that you are supporting an Aussie company that owns the brand.  We believe that we have designed and manufactured a far superior product to any overpriced OR cut-price import that you may find.  Skates, Blades and Scooters are our business.  With years of experience in fitting skates and being active contributors to the skating industry, we know how important it is to have your loved ones in equipment that is SAFE and designed to support those growing feet!  

When you purcahse a Crazy Skates™ product from a registered dealer or from us directly, you have piece of mind that we will take good care of you, long after you have purchased your skates, blades or scooter.  We are a global brand based right here in Queensland, Australia.  Crazy Skates™ - a name you can trust!