FLASH Blue/Black


** PLEASE NOTE - this is a CLEARANCE item and has been heavily discounted as the LED Flashing function no longer works on the skates. Batteries cannot be replaced. The skates are still Brand New and 100% working order.


- LED Flashing Lightning Bolt on each Skate with 500+ hours Battery Life (Motion Activated) - Hi-Top Padded Boot with Comfort Padded Liner

- ABEC 3 Full Precision Bearings

- 60x37mm Signature Quality Urethane Wheels with Speed Hub

- Urethane Toe Stopper, not Plastic





The all new Crazy FLASH is specifically designed for the beginner skater. Comfortable and stable, this skate is designed as a 'real' roller skate with adjustable steering trucks and quality components.

Yet another first for CRAZY skates is the motion activated 'Light-Up' LED flash on each skate boot. The LED technology can actually encourage children to start learning to skate! On each boot, the LED flashing lightning bolt works by motion activation. With 500+ hours, a simple push button in the Flash turns off the power to the LED lights when the skates are not in use, this helps save battery life.

The Crazy FLASH features all the fully functioning components of an Adult skate - including quality ABEC-3 full precision bearings! This skate is NOT a toy! Available in two great colors, the FLASH is extremely comfortable and boasts a wide comfort fitting, hi-top style boot - perfect for growing feet! The materials used in the boot construction are long lasting. The wheels are made from quality urethane (not plastic - like some other kids roller skates) which gives the beginning skater grip and roll, so that they enjoy the experience of roller skating.

The nylon plate is strong and lightweight with trucks that feature a one bolt adjustment to fine tune the turning ability of the skates. This dramatically increases the stability of the skate for the child. Quality urethane toe stops will also assist the child to stop when they are applied ensuring they do not slip or slide like cheaper plastic-made toe stops can. This is a great quality skate at a great price!