FLARE Scooter | FR Series



Tail Whip, BarTwist, 720° or Superman - show some flair riding your FLARE FreeRide FR Series Pro infinity Scooter. This scooter represents unbelievable Value $$$; Don't look past the performance specifications of the FLARE scooter - this is a serious upgrade from department store scooters, perfect for developing future Pro riders. 

DECK | 480mm x 115mm [LxW] Aluminium Concave Boxed Channel
Light Weight and Super Strong, the FLARE deck features Extra Wide Grind Rails for added stability and protection with a Signature Griptape feature.

HEAD / COMPRESSION | Threadless HIC Compression
Resist loosening and wobbling - the Integrated Compression Headset maintains strength and stability after prolonged use.

WHEELS | 100mm Anodized Alloy Core with 88a Super High Rebound Urethane
Skate Park and Street ready, these Alloy Core wheels will perform for the beginner to advanced rider.

BEARINGS |  ABEC-9 Chrome Full Precision Bearings
Fast and a Smooth Roll 

T-BAR | 520mm x 580mm [WxH] Reinforced Steel Bar
Strong & Light, the signature FLARE T-Bar sports a modern matte black look with quality TPR single colour hand grips.

CLAMP | Double Alloy 

FORK | High Tensile Moulded Steel

BRAKE | Flex Spring Steel

WEIGHT | only 3.60kg

OVERALL HEIGHT | 82.0cm  RIDE HEIGHT | 76.5cm - between the top of the Deck and the top of the Bar Grips