ALPHA | Size Adjustable




Be your own 'party on wheels' with the infinity Size Adjustable ALPHA Inline Skates - featuring 8x LED Light-Up Wheels - yes, all 8 wheels Light Up! Designed and built with performance in mind, the ALPHA combines all of the essential elements in a value packed skate package that can be used either indoors or outdoors. 

8x LED LIGHT-UP WHEELS | Super Bright LED & Super Fun Light Up Wheels. Batteries are NOT required - the wheels are powered by movement and only light up while spinning, so you will never need to worry about replacing batteries.

ADJUSTABLE TO FIT 4 SHOE SIZES | Simply push a button to adjust the rollerblades to fit across 4 different shoe sizes.

ALUMINIUM FRAME | Signature lightweight and strong aluminum frame for speed and higher performance.

BEARINGS |  ABEC-7 Chrome Full Precision Bearings, perfect for a Fast and a Smooth Roll.

BUILT FOR COMFORT | Designed from the ground up to be the perfect mix of supportive and comfortable! The Semi-Soft breathable boot construction provides the comfort needed for those longer skate sessions with the necessary ankle support for pro level performance.